I got my background at ZingerBug.com I got my background at ZingerBug.com

Thursday, 29 August 2013

M &M child swimwear

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        I always loved M&M'S cause are so delicious, so I created this fun swimwear.                                     
 A  cute and original  design swimsuit for female child  sims ,with strong   and  funny  colours               combinations, that your  sims will enjoy.                                                                                           
I  am sure you  will love it  in the game :)                                                                                         
Creation made with Tsr Workshop
With launcher and cas thumbnail
For female child sim category
Original mesh EA,Design and pattern created by me
Sims child created  by me
Do not reupload,modify or copy my work,thanks for understanding.  
Feel free to use any of my creations on the sims3 exchange.
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