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Wednesday, 22 May 2013



This house has a confortable guests house,with a gardening space ,(with the lemon tree and eggplant),the chicken coop,cowplant,the market harvest stand and lemon stand for children.Also, has a modern games room,with the dead man hand poker table and let it ride roulette table(new on store content)and many more, ,and sports area with the buzzer beater free throw machine,rim rokin basketball hoop,fates flipper foosball deluxe,and many more.The houses are surrounded by and amazing pond,full of beautiful flowers,that invites to relaxation and fun.In the kitchen ,you will be happy to find awesome help for cooking like the pro deep fryer,the ice cream machine (faboulous fiesta),steampunk cafe machine ,the chocolate fountain and many others:D.when your sim want to do some spells ,they can delight with the ladyravendancer book of spells.In the kitchen there are 3 of my  new paintings they are small (pizza inspiration).There are so many more things to say, about this huge property,but i do not want to ruin the surprises !i hope you all like it,have fun !(all files inside perfectly working,for anyone).The file have 198,36 mb cause the houses(3) are huge!the house cost half of million simoleons !